Fit for a King: George Street, East Melbourne


A regal street named for a regal chap, George Street East Melbourne is a private idyll rich with historic property, tightly-held by those fortunate enough to call it home. An island of quiet running between Clarendon and Hoddle Streets, George St is as famous for its grand mansions as it is for its modern library and popular George Street cafe.

In the past financial year, few properties have transacted along George Street. A flush of stately homes (173, 175 and 178 George) sold achieving outstanding results in line with their rarity, and a number of one-bedroom apartments at 29 George Street also exchanged hands.

I was pleased to be involved with the record-setting sale of 2/109 George Street – an attractive ground-floor two bedroom apartment in a boutique block which sold for $1,022,000 under strong competition. With interest rates low and asset-rich investors seeking to move closer to the city, the next six months will be critical for any vendor seeking to achieve a premium result for their George Street property. Below, please find all the sales results achieved along George Street for the past financial year.

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Sales for Financial Year 2013-14


9/29 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car $485,000

16/29 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath $461,000

17/29 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath UNDISCLOSED

18/29 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath UNDISCLOSED

19/29 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath $460,000

6/32 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath $610,000

7/37 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath $440,000

1 & 8/101 George Street : Studio Apartment and Reception $199,000

7/108 George Street: 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car $465,100

2/109 George Street: 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car $1,022,000

1/187 George Street: 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car $652,000


173 George Street: 3 bed $2,550,000

175 George Street: 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car $2,075,000

178 George Street: 4 bed plus additional apartments to rear $6,350,000

188 George Street : 6 bed, 4 bath, 2 car UNDISCLOSED

193 George Street: 6 bed, 7 bath, 5 car UNDISCLOSED

*Anthony Gattuso Auctioneer has gathered this information to provide an interesting document for readers and subscribers. Information contained herein is gathered from a range of sources including but not limited to; local press both virtual and hardcopy, Valuer General Information & Agents own investigations. All efforts are made to verify the information provided. The information is not to be relied upon or used in dealings with third parties and people should make their own investigations regarding their own property or personal circumstances. Opinions and observations offered should not be treated as fact.


Auction Day : 125 Chetwynd Street



Much like a theatre performance, every audience for an auction has its own distinct energy. Sometimes dour and passive, other times nervous and excited, and occasionally joyful, engaged and jolly. Last weekend’s auction call at 125 Chetwynd Street in North Melbourne was bubbling with the possibility of a life about to change, full of active bidding and the occasional chuckle to boot. Neighbours, plus hopeful-to-be North Melbournites and a menagerie of rather charming pets came along to view the furious bidding for this substantial family home close to the heart of the city. What more could you want?



With many participating bidders, auctioneer Anthony points out a competing bid across the crowd.


A keen eye on proceedings from both mobile mortgage brokers and fine poodles.


 Critical to a competitive auction is engaging all parties, breaking down bids as the competition reaches its pinnacle.


A huge result  achieved for our vendors at $1,261 ,000.

Auction Day: 5 Chetwynd Place North Melbourne


 5 Chetwynd Place, North Melbourne was a flawless property. It is rare to find such a gem – something so architecturally outstanding (yet compact) that it stilled the pools of buyer criticism – a double-storey townhouse with polished concrete floors, Rogerseller bathroom features, delicious hanging light fixtures and a ‘lightbox’ master suite.

Located but a quick walk to Grigons and Orr Cornerstore (milkshake specialists), Errol Street and transport to the city, this nigh-on-new property proved popular with purchasers – fetching a result of $1,275,000. In today’s blog, we feature highlights of the competitive auction run by auctioneer Anthony Gattuso assisted by Sam Abboud (inset, above).






Anatomy of an Auction


Take a deep breath. Can you smell the anticipation, the excitement? The coffee clasped in the hands of watchful bidders-to-be? There’s nothing like the smell of an auction in the morning. Saturday’s auction of 375 Canning Street in Carlton North by Anthony Gattuso for Woodards Carlton had all the drama, excitement and competitive good humour that comes from an auction campaign run relentlessly towards a successful outcome. Today – the anatomy of an auction – from go to woah.


The half-hour viewing before an auction is an art in itself – with 375 Canning Street full-to-the-brim with potential buyers and curious locals. Multiple team Woodards agents were on hand to support the busy process before the exciting auction begins.


Tensions finally breaks and auctioneer and selling agent Anthony Gattuso emerges from the residence to address the huge, milling crowd – drawing their attention to the opportunity at hand.


As part of any auction preamble, the agent must read the rules pertaining to the auction system in Victoria. As Anthony points out, auction is a wonderfully transparent environment in which to purchase a property.


As a Carlton local himself, Anthony spoke eloquently on the history of Canning Street – on the ghosts of migrants past, their carousing and supping on pasta on the median strips. He encouraged the audience to remember on the previous butchers, bakers and cornerstores that are but memories today in this enclave of Carlton North. Becoming an owner on Canning Street ensures your place in a rich tapestry of Melbourne history.


Auctions are certainly a festive atmosphere – with bikers nervously smiling as they drove past Melbourne’s favorite form of street theatre.


Before long, bidding is underway. The crowd watches for the key bidder to raise their hand in competition.


An alert, keen Anthony Gattuso scours the crowd for potential bidders – accepting different ‘rises’ as the auction draws to its exciting culmination.


Going… going….





And that’s what you’d call another powerful, exciting and sensitively-wrought Anthony Gattuso auction.

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Fallingwater on Canning Street


Just like our very own lyrical ‘Fallingwater’ by Frank Lloyd Wright, 375 Canning Street is an immediately recognisable local icon to Carlton North.

Featuring long, lush lines, natural finishes throughout and a liberal amount of natural light in every room, this residence has already garnered huge lines at open for inspections and keen interest from the media.

Auctioneer Anthony Gattuso will bring this home under the hammer on the 22nd of February. For more details and photos of ‘fallingwater’ on Canning Street, click here.

Auction Day – Barkly Street, Carlton


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. In amongst the seasonal ordering of turkey at Donati’s and seafood at Canal’s, buyers are still looking for quality property investment before the year is out. Will interest rates begin their inexorable rise up come February 2014?


Pundits comment either way – but the best bet for hopeful investors or first home buyers is purchasing in bluechip suburbs like Carlton. Consider 14/50 Barkly Street, Carlton – which after Saturday’s auction is still available for private negotiation. An excellent ‘beginner’ property or addition to your superannuation property portfolio.


Auctioneer Anthony Gattuso in action : Up, up and away.




For more photos from this Anthony Gattuso auction in Carlton, visit his official FB page.